Welcome to the Okinawa School District (DoDDS Okinawa). We hope you have had a pleasant transition to your new duty station. Here at the Okinawa Student Transportation Office, we work to ensure your family’s seamless transition into school.

Please know that while in TLF, students have a school zone assigned to them. They can start school as soon as you register them with your address from TLF until you have permanent quarters.

Once assigned to permanent quarters, your student will be assigned a bus route should transportation still be required. This may be from your on or off-base residence to their zoned school and back. Again, welcome to Okinawa and to DoDDS Okinawa.

Zoning School Waivers

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances in which you would like your student to remain in the school that they are currently attending after being assigned permanent housing that may be out of that school zone. Please keep in mind that if we allowed every student to remain in the school they were registered to while at TLF, there would be no space for those students going into TLF after you. We allow TLF school registration to place your student in school as soon as possible but with the understanding that it is a temporary situation.

For special cases waivers are approved, but we encourage everyone to attend their zoned schools. Please understand that if a waiver is approved, transportation is forfeited as we cannot transport students outside the school zone to that school. We recommend keeping the school zones in mind when choosing permanent housing.

TLF Zoned Schools

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